Jill Foster – Artist Profile

I was a beach kid of the 60s and my drawing has been influenced by the bright lively colours and “fun” lifestyle. Thrown functional clay pieces become my canvas, clay and brush my tools of trade. From a trip to France I observed the “cool style” of the French women and developed the “funky lady” decorated ware. Much overseas travel and a lasting interest in Japanese culture and brush painting filter into my very Australian themes. I design, make, photograph and teach in today’s Arts Industry.

Currently I sell from my “Burra North Studio”, “Artworx” in Goolwa, “Urban Cow Studio” in Adelaide, “Venturas Vision” Auburn, and “Studio Potters”, Klemzig. Recent commissions for “Southern Ocean Lodge” Kangaroo island, Burra Hotel and Pike’s Winery demand unique designs, and one-off pieces for exhibition work throughout each year are the challenges I most enjoy. I am stimulated by the creative challenge and hope people enjoy using my pots.

Jill Foster in her Burra North Studio

Jill Foster blackwhite SALA 2011

Jill Foster 2011

Jill Foster 2011

/ 2008

Stoneware / 2007

Stoneware / 2007

Jill Foster-2010

Jill Foster design settings 2008

Jill Foster 2010 country ladies

Jill Foster new design 2011

Jill Foster new designs 2011

Garden Chook Bowl – $14

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  1. angela brebner (6th, Oct 2012)

    Hi, having recently travelled through your beautiful region I stumbled upon Jill’s studio in Burra North. Sadly I was there midweek. I would love to purchase one of her oil vessels but have no way of getting in touch. If you could provide me with a contact number or some way of getting in touch with her I would greatly appreciate it.



  2. Annie Hansen (30th, Dec 2012)

    Hi Jill, I met you earlier this year and the common connection is that I have worked with your sister Glynis Walley at Underdale High. I came back to buy a plate this weekend but you must be taking a break. I was at a B@B and we did a little touring around and ended up at Mt Bryan pub where one of the boys showed me a big bowl you did with butterflies on it. You obviously do a great range of pottery and I am wondering if I could see your range somewhere in Adelaide? I really like you style. Please get back to me when you can. Annie Hansen of Semaphore South

  3. Carolyn Barker (5th, Jan 2013)

    Hi Jill, is your studio open on Sundays. Love your work

  4. Ron Edwards (16th, Apr 2014)

    Hello, I may have a job for you to do.My plant pedestal Doulton Aust.Have had for 26 years cats had an accident today.It is in 3 parts base middle and the bowl. The middle is broken more or less a dish that the top sits in.Rather a thick dish high gloss white. Similar to those bird baths that you made me,but not as big. will probably come up again for the Fair on the Sat. Can you send me your E-mail address so I can send photo will phone you sometime soon.Cheers Ron

  5. Christine Crawshaw (9th, Aug 2014)

    What great pottery Jill. I love it!

  6. Michelle Wood (13th, Jan 2016)

    Hi Jill, I met you at the Clare Christmas market last year on a terribly hot day. Just wondering how I can purchase one of your plates for a friends birthday. Regards Michelle Wood

  7. Deb Baum (7th, Dec 2017)

    Hi – could you give me your email address and best contact number. I would like to include you on our list and send you some information for a pop up at the Northern Plains Food Festival Two Wells, Mar 25, 2018. If your interested.

  8. Julie Sage. Darwin NT (20th, Jan 2018)

    Hi Jill
    I purchased one of your gorgeous plates at a function at the Clare Tourist Centre in August- I love it and am sure a similar one would make a great birthday gift for my very young 80 year old friend. Would I be able to choose one from your site , pay online and have you send it to me via Australia post please.
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Julie Sage