Lis Jones Ingman Artist Profile

The dates on these paintings are spread over quite a while. I was an art teacher in my early years and returned to Art School in 1986 when Alex, my youngest, turned 7. I discovered an interest in the activist  side of art as editor of the artist zine ON EDGE 1994 – 96 with “stream” artist collective. Now I am happy to volunteer at the Burra Regional Art Gallery and pursue my own work in my studio Shared Arts, a place big enough for meetings and workshops, as well as any darned thing I may care to take on.

Johnny Green (2010) 1st Prize Winner “Portrait Prize 2010” Exhibition

Night Comes Down (2010)

Mellow Yellow (2009)

Moon Mountain (2009)

Redbanks (2008)

In Memoriam (2006)

Daughter Series, Plant (mallee) (2005)

Daughter Series, Seed (2005)

Glass Gorge (2005)

Core of My Heart, My Country (2003)

Lot’s Wife (2002)

Lis Jones Ingman

The Blue Bra (1984)

Lis Jones Ingman – Mary Warnes in Gilt Frame – Acrylic – $450

Burra to Felenne 2012

Burra to Felenne preparations at Shared Arts

Lis Jones Ingman – Along Burra Creek – Acrylic – $450 2nd Prize, Open Section

Lis Jones Ingman – Oranges & Lemons – Acrylic on Ply – $400

Lis Jones Ingman – Basket with Lillies – Conte & Papier Mache – $250

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  1. Natalia Yandell (18th, Feb 2011)

    What a fantastic variety of works!

  2. Lorna null Prewett (16th, Mar 2011)

    Love your work Lis – hope it will be on display in Sept’11

  3. Chris Alway (4th, Apr 2011)

    Strikingly imaginative, and expressive. Unique and well developed concepts drawing on personal dreams and deep psychological insights. Remarkable ability to create meaning laden images that resonate well with the local community whist drawing on personal mysteries! Sensual line and brushwork, personal symbolism, emotive color and pattern. Very modern, reminiscent of the European expressionists such as of Matisse, Chagall, Munch and maybe folk embroidery designs.

  4. Sandi Bartlett (16th, Feb 2014)

    Great to see so many of your paintings – recognise oranges and lemons!!! Maybe we’ll get back to Burra one day.

  5. Brook (16th, Feb 2014)

    Yes Lis’ work is always an interesting treat! She exhibits a quality of not being afraid to explore new ideas and learn new things.