Burra to Barossa, Kate Jenkins and Peter Hart Exhibition

Call us old fashioned, but we do love a good combination…

Kate Jenkins and Peter Hart – recent work.

The Annex at Burra Regional Art Gallery

Home is the bush country round Anlaby Station. Kate and Peter walk that country every day – so say Kate’s paintings and Peter’s love of what’s in his backyard, and the cabinets he puts together from those materials, with such precision.

Take one of Kate’s paintings and put it right next to a cabinet by Peter – it’s a good combination. Colours reflect each other but not to a startling degree. The objects in appearance could not be more unlike. Yet togetherness gives them authenticity.

The crates, pallets, door handles and bright objects of Peter Hart’s collections which go to make his cabinets relate to the way Kate Jenkins paints a tree and the collection of colours she uses to give us a fresh and lovely view.

And the special way Kate’s paintings from Burra to Barossa lead into the Annex with new work from the last two months… that’s a good combination.

Review by Artivist

February 2011.

The exhibition runs from Thursday February 3rd to Wednesday March 2nd.

The opening will be 5.30 for 6pm Friday February 11th.

Contact the gallery for further information.

The Following Photo’s from the Main Exhibition

Opening (February 2011)

Francis Walling, Putu Suta and Alia Gerard - Opening (February 2011)

Kate Jenkins - Foul Bay Floating 1

Kate Jenkins - Foul Bay Floating 2

Kate Jenkins - Iron Stones

Kate Jenkins - Ironstone Landscape

Kate Jenkins - River Stones

Kate Jenkins and Peter Hart - (Recent Works 2011)

Main Room - (February 2011)

Peter Hart - Not Made in Japan

Peter Hart - Self Portrait Detail

Peter Hart - Self Portrait, Mixed 3 Pieces

Peter Hart - The Martlet and the Hawke

The Following Photo’s are from Recent Works; Also on Display

Bence Room (February 2011)

Cherie Kelly - Skull of Life

Chris Alway - Summer Lily

John Taylor - On the Clare to Spalding Road

John Taylor - The Rehearsal (2010)

Tanya Waters - Danka Downs (2008)

Tanya Waters - Paratoo Dump


A crowd of interested viewers attended the opening on Friday 11th February. Our thanks go to Kate and Peter for this well-planned and executed exhibition. Though small, it is an absolute gem.

At the opening Kate told us about their home next door to Anlaby Station, naming the trees and telling the stories. As she spoke, in our imagination we walked and viewed through her eyes and with her brushes, standing at our easels, it seemed, on the sandy soil. The paintings lived and gained meaning through her words, showing as they do some familiar and much loved aspects, perhaps painted many times before. Resilience and bare survival are in these works, and a strong sense of place.

She described how Peter works too, and the close connection the two of them have to each other through the landscape. Peter’s cupboards and cabinets, created with intuition and playful intelligence, are curiosities that speak of a man who loves the stories to be found in natural and made objects. His “self portrait” must tell us something about him. It consists of three parts – a small sign saying wood for sale, a half open cupboard with things in it, and a Peter-sized open cabinet stacked with pieces of timber, found and named, one with a question mark. The complex intricacies of these woodwork constructions are a feast for the eyes.

It’s a bonus to find such a strong connection between artist and viewer through the work. We see this in “Anlaby Works”, open at Burra Regional Art Gallery until Wednesday 2nd March.

Review by Artivist.

Exhibition Opening (11th Feb 2011)

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  1. Lis (10th, Feb 2011)

    looking forward to the opening!

  2. Brook (10th, Feb 2011)

    Will See you there Lis.

  3. Brook (13th, Feb 2011)

    I regret that I didn’t make it to the opening. But I was exhausted after the long nights putting the web site together. I heard it was a nice evening.

  4. Lis (15th, Feb 2011)

    We missed you Brook.