Portrait Competition: Here’s Looking at You

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Congratulations to the finalists of this years Portrait Competition

First Place Michael Hocking – Scoundrel #4

Second Place Matthew Ryan Sweet – Jarracuda

Michael Hocking -Scoundrel No. 4 - Oil on canvas - $600

Michael Hocking -Scoundrel No. 4 – Oil on canvas – $600

Matthew Ryan Sweet - Jarracuda - Acrylic - $520

Matthew Ryan Sweet – Jarracuda – Acrylic – $520

Merit Awards

Roslyn Batten – Arno
Roger Kalleske – Self Portrait
Ebony Rodda – Pierre

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Lise Temple and Roland Weight


Roger Kalleske: Self Portrait

Good design and a confident use of red


Michal Hocking: Tania

Lovely loose tonalism, displaying technical confidence. The figure is subtly evoked from the background. Reminds one of an Impressionist study.


Sharyn Sinclair: Grandad

Papier mache is a great medium


Adele Butler: An Icon to Reading/ Playing Music (both works)

Meditative quality with beautifully evoked light. A Contemporary take on a Post Impressionist style


Glenys Christopher: Raji

Tremendous attitude and structure


Roszi Batten: Arno

Arresting look in the eyes


Ebony Rodda: Pierre

Lovely loose charcoal marks


Maxine Donald: Modern Miss



Kerry Mann: Brad

I just like the charcoal


Michael Hocking: Scoundrel # 4

A striking use of tone creates a strong presence and attitude. Caravaggio-esque. Clever use of the white hat as a formal element, to square up the design.


Matthew Ryan Sweet: Jarracuda

Reminiscent of the work of Hugh Ramsay. Studiously done, with an excellent use of warm and cool within the skin tones. Quirky element added with the placement of the moon above


Gerhard Ritter: Mike

Bold use of watercolour medium on a large scale


Ally Symonds: Mother-in-law, Memory Snapshot

Portrait in “things”


Neil Hann: Clan St Vincent Rodda

Technically interesting with excellent colour mixing. Quirky in its construction, a cross between Pointillism and Pop. Lots of the personality of the sitter evident.


Valerie Veitch: Do I have a cute expression on my face?

Capturing the focus of the moment of artistic creation.


Ebony Rodda: High Tea

Excellent rendering of crockery, and overall richness of painting.


Margaret Walsh: Hello

Good composition


Lis Jones Ingman: Hey Daddy, I want a diamond ring

Lovely translucent background and good structure


Gabriella Szondy: Kingsley Haskett, Shipwright

Striking character portrayal and warm tones


Sharyn Sinclair: Mum

Lovely sense of liveliness


Margaret Walsh: Aaaah, here’s looking at you too

Youthful excitement in a dramatic light

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