Bev Bills – Translations: Threads & Patterns / Fibrespace Textile Artists – Crack’d Palimpsest


Each Year the members of FIBRESPACE Inc. brainstorm a topic that will be interpreted through fibre art.

“Crack’d Palimpsest” was a combination of words that were “thrown” into the discussion. They sound interesting but as Jean said “ What the heck does that mean?”

A palimpsest is/was a parchment scraped back and reused with some of the original subject showing.

Crack’d …. As in “The mirror crack’d from side to side.”

This Fibrespace exhibition is the result of individual interpretations of this devised term.


DSC_1829 640

Wraps by Bev Bills

DSC_2326 640

DSC_2328 640

DSC_1835 640

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  1. Lis Jones Ingman (15th, Apr 2014)

    A lively and mind-expanding exhibition using as materials all those bits and pieces many of us have hung on to for years. Intriguing and fun, makes you wish you could do it too. Great going!