Burra Quilters 2013 Exhibition

Burra Quilters Flyer 2013


We were privileged to have a workshop with Margaret Tuckey.

Margaret  is a mixed media artist and teaches at Pepper Street Arts Centre. A Fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of  Arts since 2007 she regularly conducts classes and workshops in watercolour and acrylics for local art groups, previously a tutor at TAFE for  fifteen years. Her special interest is using the bright complementary colours of the natural world in a contemporary way to investigate her view of life in energetic abstracts, landscapes, seascapes and still-life. Her work is experimental, mainly in watercolour, oil, acrylic or pastel and mixed media.

The concept was using colour and tonal values in design.

A demonstration was given explaining colour theory using the colour wheel and paint.  Experimenting with paper, firstly, using tone only, then, with shared fabric from everybody’s scrap bag, we worked on a small fine art project, results of which you can see.

The outcome has been an enabling tool to know how to enhance our quilt design by using colour and tonal values for our fabric choice.

Results are now appearing in our new projects!


Lorraine Cocker came to Burra to teach a 2 day workshop.

Lorraine is a Member of Quilters Guild of South Australia Inc. and has taught various classes at TAFE Colleges, Local Craft Associations and many quilting groups. During her workshops she teaches quick and easy machine pieced techniques and also foundation pieced techniques which produce accurate points of details, both of which she really enjoys.

We made our choice of one of two quilt projects.

Most of us chose “Almost a Double Wedding Ring” and two of our members chose “Roses on Roses”.

We enjoyed learning new techniques and furthering our knowledge and some of us have finished the quilts!


We were lucky to have the talented Zara share her knowledge and enthusiasm in a workshop which furthered our experience of the making of contemporary, art quilts.

We  learnt to enhance our work with alternative piecing methods and “painting with stitches”.


Most of 2012/2013 has been devoted to the making of Friendship Quilts.

A friendship quilt is made by members of a group – each makes a block (square) to a pattern and, sometimes, colourway  selected by one member.  Usually that is enough to make a quilt.  Each member participating finishes up with a quilt in their chosen design and very special because it is a permanent reminder of friends.


Pinwheels, a traditional design, was the theme chosen for quilts made for charity this year.

In February, a workshop was held and several quilts constructed to be distributed to victims of flood and fire through the Quilter’s guilds in affected states.  Members made and then quilted blocks which were then joined in the Quilt as You Go method.

Heart and Cancer patients at Royal Adelaide Hospital, along with transplant patients are also supported and comforted as they receive quilts, again reflecting our theme of friendship.

Breast Bags such as this have been made and forwarded to the Flinders Medical Centre for use by patients who have undergone surgery for Breast Cancer.  Using these allows drainage bags to be covered in a dignified manner.

Pillowslips for the Oncology Kids will be made later this year.

These pillowslips are given to children who are undergoing extensive oncology treatment and they are able to take them to the hospital when returning which gives them some form of continuity as they are unable to take familiar toys with them.

Julie Henson

Julie Henson

Karen Baum 640

Karen Baum

Pam Brooks 640

Pam Brooks

Susan Borgas 640

Susan Borgas

Tricia Nolan 640

Tricia Nolan

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Burra Quilters Collaboration – Michelle Hill design – gift for Joyce Smith

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  1. Brook (27th, Apr 2013)

    This looks great! I love the colours in the quilts seen in the above images.