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Glenys Christopher

My Dad was in the Australian Air Force during the War and was away when I was born at Glenelg. When he came back we lived with my maternal grandmother, an aunt and my cousin, Dorothy at Brighton until Dad’s application for a Soldier Settlement Farm came through. We then moved to Wanilla on the West coast and lived in half of an old Army hut. There were three huts in all, shared between six families so there were plenty of kids around. My brother and I did our Correspondence School lessons under Mum’s guidance in the mornings and then spent the afternoons deliriously happy building cubby houses in the scrub. When our house was finally built on the farm we continued to build cubbies but by then we were going to the new school by  the local school bus – a truck with a frame on the back covered with hessian – like an icehouse in the Winter and hot and dusty in Summer! We used to poke holes in the hessian to see where we were!

Glenys Christopher - cats

Morning – Babis Bar, Greece – watercolour

Glenys Christopher - Tulips

Yellow Tulips – Watercolour

When I was twelve I had to go to boarding school as the roads to Pt. Lincoln and to Cummins were sometimes almost impassable and there was no school bus. Being a quiet , shy and very socially naive young person boarding school was terrible. I survived and did well in Intermediate and Leaving Art but art was not something considered to be suitable for a future job. Women in my family were either nurses or school teachers and I knew I couldn’t be a nurse so I became a Primary School teacher.

Glenys Christopher - China and Flowers

Liliums with Hilda’s Vases – Watercolour

Glenys Christopher - Girl with Hat

Cow Girl – Watercolour

Glenys Christopher - Ponytail Profile

White Shirt – Watercolour

I trained at the Wattle Park Teachers College and went to Adelaide Uni. for three years. My first appointment was to Kingston Area School where they had enough Primary teachers but needed teachers in  the Secondary School so I became a teacher of English, Science (my future husband used to teach me the lesson the night before I took it the next day!), History, Sport,and even Art! Most of my students were only two years older than me! After that I taught at Cambrai, Ceduna, retrained as a teacher librarian, Walkerville, Morphett Vale South and Willunga. After about twenty years of teaching I resigned and worked in a plant nursery and herb garden. By then my two sons had left school and were working.

Glenys Christopher - Blue Coffee Pots

Potted – Watercolour

Glenys Christopher - Life Drawing

Selina – Life Drawing

Glenys Christopher - White Flowers

White Liliums – Watercolour

Glenys Christopher - Life Drawing

Fran – Life Drawing

Glenys Christopher

The White Tulip – Watercolour

Glenys Christopher

In my spare time I went to some art courses at WEA and joined a group up on the Range above Willunga. I had separated from my husband some years before and now met Bob. He sent me off to have Watercolour classes with Arthur Philips but after a year we moved to Burra to do up an old farm house. We had 148 acres of barren land eaten out by years of overstocking.  I began drawing and painting again  using a corner of whatever room was not being renovated at the time and grew trees from Trees for Life which we then planted on our place – about 9,000 in all over about 16 years of living at Ford’s Corner. I joined the Burra Art Society and was at different times Secretary, Newsletter Writer, Convenor and occasionally guest Tutor. I was in at the very beginning of the Burra Regional Art Gallery organising the volunteer roster and helping curate and hang local artists’ work there. I still exhibit my work there and have had work in galleries in  Adelaide. I’m still on the volunteer roster for the Burra Art Gallery and now also volunteer as a tutor in Watercolour for the U3A in Burra. I paint mainly in watercolour, pastel and mixed media, and have won awards in each of these media. My subjects are mainly flowers, people, landscape and occasionally portraits.

Glenys Christopher

Chop, chop – Watercolour

Glenys Christopher

Pink Tulips and Gran’s perfume bottles – Watercolour

Glenys Christopher

Windpower – Pastel

Glenys Christopher

Magis Mushrooms – Watercolour

Glenys Christopher

Dubrovnik boats – Watercolour

Glenys Christopher

Gone fishin’ – Watercolour

Glenys Christopher

The three Wells – China – Watercolour

When my aunt died and left me small amount of money I used it to go on a Painting Holiday to France and Cornwall. I have since been on painting holidays to Italy, Sicily, China, Croatia, California, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Greece with various tutors including Charles Reid (USA), Lucy Willis (England), Stephen Quiller (USA) and David Taylor (Victoria). I always arrive home with up to a dozen finished paintings done on site and lots of pen and wash sketches in my visual diary. My last trip to three small Greek islands was superb so perhaps I’ll stop travelling while I’m on top!

Glenys Christopher - Greece

Patmos Blues – Greece – Watercolour

Glenys Christopher

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  1. Sandi Bartlett (16th, Dec 2012)

    Love your paintings since the first one my husband bought a few years ago in Burra before we knew who you were! Now have 3 hanging in our house (including one of me!) and would love more!

  2. Lis Jones Ingman (16th, Jan 2013)

    A fascinating life’s journey and art practice. What an inspiration!

  3. Peter W Harvey, Kingston Tasmania (11th, Sep 2013)

    Have always admired your work. The painting Clare and I have of Mosal (Mousehole to the English) has pride of place in our collection.
    Your support for and contribution to the gallery has been outstanding and highly valued.

  4. gaye huscroft (18th, Apr 2014)

    Hello Glenys, so glad to see you are still painting and travelling with it, well done.
    I have finally started my Bach of visual Arts and Adelaide Cent School of Arts in Glenside this year and loving it and now live in Clayton Bay.
    Cheers Gaye

  5. Deirdre Jackson (8th, Nov 2014)

    Hi Glenys,
    It is Christmas coming up again and you have been in my thoughts.
    I am loving your website and enjoying looking at your wonderful art.
    Lots of Love,

  6. Moira Lee (27th, Nov 2014)

    To a wannabe artist you are an inspiration Glenys. Hopefully I will be adding my profile to this website in 2o years time!

  7. Linda Sanders, OzFeathers (1st, Jul 2015)

    Lovely work Glenys… and, my own artistic focus is now influenced by your style. Already have ideas for your Studio feather banner based on examples of your work.
    My designs are described as “fabric leadlight” – fabric which glows in sunlight, reminiscent of church or cathedral windows.
    Hence… you can have so much more impact on traffic with a little touch of YOU on there!
    Check your email – I’ll make contact there.

  8. Genevieve (21st, Aug 2015)

    Hi Glenys I was having a Micca at the lovely Faslight cafe and enjoying looking at your art.
    I wanted to compliment your work