Archers Arcadia – Interactive Sculpture by David Archer

Roll up, roll up, all the fun of the fair is here!

Archer is seldom found in the typical well lit studio in cap and smock, but rather, tinkering deep in the bowels of discarded gadgetry and domestic junk. In a veritable sea of scrapped machinery he searches for that elusive part that will drive his latest imaginings. His glitzy fabrications see art and mechanics combine to animate the inanimate.

Choices, 360x200x160mm, clay, wood Photograph by Michael Kluvanek

Please touch the Art…

This exhibition falls under the genre of “automata”: interactive sculptures requiring visitors to turn handles, push buttons and look through lenses at working dioramas. The works appeal to a wide range of age groups. It is nostalgic, investigating art, science and mechanics at several levels. “Archers Arcadia” is a collective name for David Archer’s many works forming this installation.

David Archer is a contemporary automata artist living in South Australia. He handcrafts all of his works with many of the components being constructed from scrapped machinery and recycled materials. His works are wry vehicles for ideas and narrations in the tradition of mechanical representations found on Victorian and Edwardian seaside piers. They provide an escape into fantasy or give humorous insights into the human condition.
These interactive machines have captivated patrons at Womadelaide, SALA, the Jam Factory and the Bay Discovery Centre. “My work is nostalgic and investigates art, science and mechanics on several levels” says artist David Archer.

Country Arts SA’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Steve Saffell said “We are delighted to be touring David Archer’s engaging show as part of the Visual Arts Touring Program. David’s works transform a space and fascinate adults and children alike.”

Payday, 150x150x300mm, clay, wood Photograph by Michael Kluvanek

David Archer – Dippy Dog – 200 x 370 x 360mm – clay, wood – $900

David Archer – Golden Bear – 80 x 60 x 140mm – clay, wood – $800

David Archer – Golden Bear – 80 x 60 x 140mm – clay, wood – $800 detail

David Archer – Limited Audience – Acrylic on board – $475

Tommy Tantrum

Tommy Tantrum

Tommy Tantrum

Tommy Tantrum

Tommy Tantrum detail

Tommy Tantrum detail

Accompanying Archer’s Arcadia are some selected works by our diverse range of contributing artists…

Bence Room

Lyndall French – Village – Quilted Cotton – $250

Lyndall French – 20cm bag – Quilted Cotton – $30

Natalie Lewcock – Jacaranda Memories – Oil – $210 with Batik by Oluwole Oginni

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