Art of the Flower & Garden 2012

This is a competition to challenge the ways we portray the world of nature. A Burra Gallery tradition producing powerful and imaginative works in a variety of media. Judges this year are Len Bence and Roger Boehm. Come and join on us on Sunday, September 9 at 2pm to see who is selected and make your own decision for the peoples choice prize.

Main Gallery

Main Gallery, showing raffle prizes on left: watercolour painting by Glenys Christopher and quilt by Shirley Thamm. Thanks to both for donating, first prize winner gets to choose!

Main Gallery

Lis Jones Ingman – Oranges & Lemons – Acrylic on Ply – $400

Lis Jones Ingman’s “Oranges and Lemons” painted on ply: the result of a life drawing session earlier in the year at Shared Arts.

Main Gallery

Main Gallery, flowers and floral art. The gallery is perfumed with the scents of spring.

Adrienne Matthews – Whistler in our Garden – Acrylic & Mixed Media – $300

Adrienne Matthew’s sculptural piece stands whistling in her garden, a projection from the past with all those “weeds”, a thoughtful mix of time frames that takes some looking in to.

Len Bence with First Prize (Open Section) by Natalie Lewcock – Roadside Garden – Oil – $210

Mr. Len Bence, esteemed judge (together with Roger Boehm) of this year’s Art of the Flower.

Second Prize (Open Section) – Maxine Donald – Scotch Thistles – Watercolour – $300

A delightful small watercolour, closely observed and freely painted by Maxine Donald.

Bence Room

View of the Bence Room showing the reading table, lent by Burra National Trust with the five books donated recently by the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Glynne Ryan – Vase of Flowers #1 – Acrylic – $220

Glynne Ryan’s gorgeous semi-abstract “Vase of Flowers”.

Bence Room

A range of works in the Bence Room.

Roslyn Batten – Wisteria – Oil – $210

Roslyn Batten’s “Wisteria” – flowers against the gold, a chance to linger for a few moments in meditation on a spring garden.

Alan Logue – Kookaburra – Photography – $99

Alan Logue’s “Kookaburra” catches the essence of this strong intelligent bird.

Lis Jones Ingman – Basket with Lillies – Conte & Papier Mache – $250

Lis Jones Ingman’s continuing adventure with papier mache.

John Warner – Early Morning Shadows – Oil – $190

Shadows withdraw as the sun rises – a simple explanation for an almost surreal event, as seen by John Morgan.


Photographs by Sharyn Sinclair (left) and Sara-Lea Parr, with Shirley Thamm’s floral art entry inspired by Sara-Lea’s photo “Onion Weed Glorified”.


View of works in Annex with Sharyn Sinclair’s bold “Lily” above and Pip Edson’s equally bold floral arrangement below.

Pip Edson – Spring Explosion

Jill Foster – Garden Chook Mugs

Jill Foster chook mugs and flower art by Shana Nourse.


Two big beautiful works in the corner of the Annex, by Ana Tossell.

Lesley Russell – Bird of Paradise – Acrylic – $250

The bird of paradise plant grows well in Burra but looks like it comes from Paradise. Yes! we have Paradise in Burra!

Julie Wilson – Angels Trumpets – Oil – $250

Deep rich greens show the plant’s sweetness and innocence, trapping the unwary.

Roszi and Lis

Roszi, with Lis in hat by Maria Salomonsen.

Joyce Lloyd with her Floral Arrangement

Joyce has recently run a series of floral art sessions at Shared Arts.

Merrilyn Williams – Floral Art Judge

Floral Art winner Shirley Thamm

Prize, a gem of a painting by Len Bence.

Pip & Brook

Bence Room


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  1. Brook (2nd, Sep 2012)

    Can’t Wait!

  2. Brook (9th, Sep 2012)

    That was a pleasant Sunday afternoon. I’m glad the turnout was reasonable. Good job to all involved in organising and setting it up. Also good job to all the artists who contributed. That includes all the children fron the various primary schools who participated. Thanks to our sponsors who also contributed food to the opening. Yumm.