Home is Where the Heart is

This exhibition is a bounty of treasures, with works created by artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. Paintings, mosaics, ceramics, natural fibre basketry, vibrant textiles, jewellery and photography. Featuring artists from the Mid-north region, Basketry SA and Craftsouth’s Traditional Craft Skills Project. Purchase a creation that portrays an artists’ representation of their “contented space of the Heart”. Special hours of 10am to 4pm with a trash and treasure stall on our verandah on May 5 & 6 to coincide with the Burra Antique Fair.

We are delighted that work by members of the Burra Art Group will also feature in this exhibition at the Burra Regional Art Gallery. It promises to be a diverse and fascinating exhibition.

Home is Where the Heart is – Main Gallery

Merea Tsatsaronis -Bowl – Colours of our Land – $150

Oluwole Oginni – collage from banana tree – Warrior -$40

Oluwole Oginni – collage from banana tree

Merea Tsatsaronis – Melon Basket – $75

Beth Wiley – Bowl

Roland Weight – Crusty Bread – Oil – $800

Julianne Pulford – Afternoon Shadows – Acrylic – $450

Timothy Dell – September Dawn – Oil – $900

Jim Dunstan – Dispossessed – Timber, Leather, Acrylic

Jim Dunstan – Dispossessed – detail

Jill Foster – Pottery

Lise Temple – Cup, Glass, Apple – Oil – $800

Roland Weight – Still Life with preserved Quinces & Oranges – Oil – $800

Lisa Foster – Untitled (RED) – Mixed – $500

Home is Where the Heart is – Annex

Necia Magain – Green on Green – cordyline, hemp, raffia & sari silk thread

Lisa Foster – Untitled – (BROWN,GOLD) – Mixed – $450

Home is Where the Heart is – Annex 2

Tracey Vandepeer -Us- Acrylic

Beth Wiley – Gatherers Basket – palm inflorescence, random weave – $80

Work by Basketry SA & Columbian Mochilla Bags by Lady Narvaez

Sylvia Piddington – Basketry SA

Christian Vocke – Spray Perfume – Mixed – $450

Maria Salomonsen – felted rug and cushions

Merea Tsatsaronis – Woven Cloche

Maria Salomonsen – plunger cosies & Ronda Dunstan – Pottery

Oluwole Oginni – Batik – Main Gallery

Oluwole Oginni – Market Women – Batik – $350

Oluwole Oginni – Batik – detail 1

Oluwole Oginni – Batik – detail 2

Lise Temple – Aubergine & Onion – Oil – $1200

Julianne Pulford – Mosaic Mirrors – $60

Timothy Dell – Pompei Interior – Oil – $900

Lise temple – Italian Fast Food – Oil – $1000

Oluwole Oginni – African Woman 1 – Butterfly Collage – $80

Anne Quigley – Rustic Bowl – Cordyline with grapevine & wisteria collar – $120

Roslyn Batten – Almost Home – Oil – $210

Adrienne Matthews – Amongst the Trees – Acrylic & Mixed Media – $350

Kate Jenkins – Clothscape 1 – Oil – $350

Kate Jenkins – Colourscape 11 – Oil – $350

Kate Jenkins – Colourscape 111 – Oil – $350

Russell Leonard – Tea Towels – Hand Printed

Russell Leonard – Tea Towels – detail

Maria Salomonsen – felted slippers

Lise Temple – Linda’s Cups & Jugs – Oil – $1000

Natalie Lewcock – Home Among the Gum Trees – Oil on Paper – $410

Zena Cox – Dolls $25 & Daphne Lines – Applique $80

Sylvia Piddington – Baskets

Joyce Lloyd – From my Garden – Floral arrangement

Warmth, texture and colour featured strongly at the opening of the new exhibition – “Home is Where the Heart is”

Chris Harris welcomed guests to the opening and noted that this exhibition is all about Home and what this means to us. Thirty eight artists from around the region and further afield have contributed paintings, pottery, porcelain, basketry, mosaics, fibre and textile creations that reflect their individual interpretation of the theme .Some pieces portray the familiar domestic world that we know and others present traditional techniques and values from a diverse range of cultures.

Guests attending the exhibition opening were delighted to also see work from two new contributing artisan groups. Basketry SA artists use traditional skills from a wide variety of cultural traditions to produce innovative and contemporary creations.

Two artists from Craftsouth’s traditional Skills Project have brought a vibrancy of colour and texture to the exhibition with their traditional Nigerian batik textiles and Colombian mochilas bags.

Chris Harris noted that whether familiar or new – all of the works exhibited carry with them the warmth of the heart and the hearth of the home. They have all been created from the fire of the artistic soul and with the beauty of love.

A poem by Evan Hawke was read and Una Kelly recited Robert Browning’s poem- “Home thoughts from abroad.”

Guests were delighted to share the observations and thoughts about this exhibition’s theme from Nan Annells who officially opened the exhibition.

Nan urged those attending to enjoy the skills and creativity of our artistic community and to purchase a piece that appealed to their sense of Home.

Home is where the Heart – Opening Speeches

Nan Annells – Opening Speech

Main Gallery

Main Gallery

Geoff & Peter celebrate a job well done

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  1. Ronnie and Paul Teague (16th, Apr 2012)

    WOW… I’ve just been for another random wonder through your website today, The Burra Gallery has really been put on the map with this website, there is nothing better than an interactive site to suck people in… people just love meandering through them…trust me, I just did for about 1/2 an hour LOL !!! Months ago I found the amazing Jen Penglaise-prior through this site and have been able to catch up with her, I don’t know how I would have found her had I not found her details through her link here, so thanks for that! I love the way you are advertising and spreading the word and contact details/sites of so many of our treasured artists… Very Exciting! WELL DONE Burra Gallery Team! Thumbs up… Ronnie and Paul