One Barrow, One Shovel, The Great Wheelbarrow Push – Exhibition


Saturday 27th, 5.30pm: “One Barrow, One Shovel, The Great Wheelbarrow Push”, Gaara Arts of Broken Hill commemorate the Great Wheelbarrow Races of the 1980’s. Launch by Peter Black, ex- Mayor of Broken Hill, to be introduced by Chris Harris who will also say some words of welcome to the “My World” photographers in the Bence Room. The Burra Sing Australia Choir will rouse us all with well-practiced renditions of the John Williamson songs “True Blue” and “Paint me a Wheelbarrow”, worth coming to hear.


Gaara Arts

One Barrow - Gaara Arts - Main Gallery

Opening Speaker - Peter Black

The Burra Sing Australia Choir

Gaara Arts

Gaara Arts

Gaara Arts

Gaara Arts

Gaara Arts

Gaara Arts

Betty Pearson - Gaara Arts

Dennis admires "Crystal Ball" by Christian Vocke - Annex


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  1. Brook (26th, Aug 2011)

    Looking forward to it!

  2. GRAHAM `Bushy' BURKE (2nd, Feb 2014)

    FOR what it may be interest: Taking turns in pushing a wheelbarrow which contained all of their early belongings, my paternal grandfather Alfred Burke and a mate (name unknown) walked 800+ kilometers from Forbes to Broken Hill in the very early 1900s seeking employment on the mines. Grandpa Burke plan was to obtain a sufficient grubstake to enable him to proceed to Queensland and enter the cartage trade by purchasing a bullock wagon. Grandpa Burke, who had little scholastic education, gained underground work at Broken Hill South Ltd (South Mine), but his Queensland plans came to a halt when he fell for the pretty face of my future grandmother, Doris Matilda Congdon. Their marriage produced two BH-born and bred children, a son (Lancelot William Burke) and a daughter (Rita Doris Harding). A widely-travelled Melbourne-based photo-journalist, I too am BH-bred – and the only child of LW. & Annie Annie Burke (nee Osborne) – both and so are both of my children, Marvin John Burke (Brishane) and Lisa Kay Smith (Melbourne). I am on lookout for the email address of anything who has knowledge about the Peterborough-Broken Hill wheelbarrow race. My landline number is (03) 9889 3746.

  3. Graham `Bushy' Burke (2nd, Feb 2014)

    Correction to my email sent a couple of minutes ago: My reference to the Peterborough-Broken Hill wheelbarrow race should have read BURRA-Broken Hill wheelbarrow race. One thousand apologies.,,

  4. Mark Adams (20th, Mar 2017)

    My name is Mark Adams and I was one of the original team members of The Day Dream Barrow Push Team from Burra to Briken Hill.
    I now live in McLaren Flat SA with my wife Amanda also an ex Broken Hill girl.
    I was wondering if I could be included in further events and also any mailings.
    I have quite a lot of memorabilia from the first race and am willing to share this.
    Best Regards
    Mark Adams