The Artists Voice – Exhibition

Come along, join the throng to see the latest (dare we say greatest) offering of the Hahndorf group ARTISTS VOICE, together with

BINGE ON ART “produced and directed” to draw lively attention to binge drinking and other addictions.

Binge on Art – Exhibition

Binge on Art is a project for the Lower North and Yorke area, which partners with senior schools across this region to provide a creative way to discuss and explore issues related to Binge Drinking.

The project, “Binge on Art”, commissioned 15 artists (including young artists) predominately from the regional area, to portray their thoughts and response to issues of binge drinking through various artistic media. Senior students will be encouraged to produce their own artwork for exhibition to be viewed along with “Binge on Art”.

To be or not to be - Dwayne Menzies

Bacchus and the Victim - Ann Harris

The Joker is wild - Joan McDonald

This project aims to build community capacity in terms of the issues associated with Binge Drinking and knowledge about services available to young people and the broader community. We would like to acknowledge the sponsors who have provided support and funding for this program:

Yorke and Lower North Health Drug and Alcohol Services of SA
Country Arts SA

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