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Artist Chris Alway with her winning portrait of Lilly

Luminous colour, uplifting mood and a bit of ‘splash’. Although a lover of art history and drawing, I feel a need to move away from strict realism to create more dynamic levels of meaning. Art intrigues me when it draws out emotion, leaves space for imagination and is unexpected!

Australian born and raised in Adelaide, I majored in Visual Arts at Flinders Uni (1978) as part of an Arts degree, then Honours Psychology at Adelaide Uni (1979). I also trained in art/craft techniques for my Diploma of Secondary Art Teaching at Bendigo CAE (1981). I am a practicing psychologist, and so it is natural for me to sensitively observe, experiment and express concepts clearly. I often start to compose from images in my mind and then ‘go with the flow’. For detailing, I refer to real life observation, my sketches, photos and references.

Chris Alway – Crimson Mirage

My current themes explore contrasts within my territory. The Clare Valley and the Mid North of SA have been my home and workplace for over two decades. Although an oasis of vineyards, this valley and its surrounds present extremes of weather and terrain. Committed to promoting the environment, I focus on natural themes including landscape, vineyards, water effects, sunsets, portraiture, animals and native flora. I am also a musician and I often incorporate lyrical themes, abstraction and movement.

I especially relish watercolor – fluidity, luminous skies that paint themselves, vast distance, misty hills, translucent vegetation and sparkling reflections. I am also strong in oils, acrylics and most drawing media.

My art sits between modern and traditional, as it is innovative but also recognisable, well composed and crafted with quality materials. Influences include da Vinci, Turner, van Gogh, Tom Roberts, John Borrack, Ruth Tuck and Chinese watercolour. I have been tutored by SA artists including Arthur Phillips, Roland Weight and Alan Ramachandran. Community experience with arts groups, markets, studios and Regional art shows gives me a practical understanding of sales and contemporary trends.

Chris Alway – Pastel

Chris Alway – Pastel

Chris Alway – Lilly – Winner, Burra Regional Art Gallery Portrait Prize 2011

  • 2005Commendation, Clare Valley Rotary Art Prize, Watercolour Section
  • 2009 Special Merit, Burra Portraiture Competition
  • 2009 – Special Commendation, Clare Rotary Art Prize, Watercolour Section
  • 2009 – High Commendation, Balco Balaklava Art Prize, Portrait Section
  • 2009 – First solo exhibition (SALA Festival), Kirrihill Cellar, near sell out
  • 2010 – Commendation, Clare Valley Rotary Art Prize, Clare Valley Section
  • 2010 – Solo Exhibition, (SALA Festival), Kirrihill Cellar Door, Aug – Sept
  • 2011 – Portrait Competition, Burra Regional Art Gallery, April

Chris Alway’s works are framed by Christopher Bentley

Both can be contacted at “The Shedio”
30 Albert St.
CLARE S.A. 5453
Tel: 08 8842 2983
Mobile: 0409 034651

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  1. sharedarts (9th, Apr 2011)

    Good things come where limits are imposed, imagination fills the gaps. However no colour on this site is a limitation I find hard to bear, and I know what I’m missing. Please rectify asap!

  2. Brook (9th, Apr 2011)

    Yep. I have requested colour photos. I put these up in the mean time. Will change when I can. I know what you mean about the B/W. Have put some thought into how to add more colour to the site without destroying the elegance. Work in progress.

  3. Kerry (9th, Apr 2011)

    Congratulations on your win for this years Portrait Competition Chris, well deserved.