Maralinga – CASA Touring Exhibition

Showing at the Burra Regional Art Gallery building in the main gallery space during March 3rd to March 30th of 2011.

Maralinga – the Anangu Story

(Country Arts S.A. Touring Exhibition)

This project was begun by Christobel Mattingly and carried out by artists of Oak Valley and Yalata in western South Australia.

This exhibition shows artwork produced in a series of workshops during which the text was discussed and images produced for each page of the book.

“Maralinga – the Anangu Story” is an illustrated history created through extensive research and community involvement. It explores from an Indigenous perspective the many changes the Maralinga lands have seen. It is a work of great cultural and historic significance, telling the story of earliest beginnings, white invasion/settlement, mission life and the nuclear tests that had such devastating consequences.

The book is available for inspection in the Burra Regional Art Gallery.

The aims of the exhibition are to:

  • celebrate the artistic content of this community created project
  • introduce the book and inform viewers of an aspect of Australia’s history, and
  • inspire other communities to tell their stories.

Reference: Country Arts SA, 2010.

Maralinga, The Anangu Story

Bush Tucker - Yvonne Edwards - Acrylic on canvas

Trucks and People Walking - Mabel Queama - Acrylic on Canvas

Sad Man - Yvonne Edwards - Acrylic on stretched canvas

Pitinga Waterhole - Mima Smart - Acrylic on canvas


Maralinga Bomb - Hilda Moodoo

Maralinga - CASA touring Exhibition - Main Gallery

End of Ooldea Mission - Terence Edwards - Acrylic on canvas

Untitled - Hilda Moodoo - Acrylic on canvas

Untitled - Mima Smart - Acrylic on canvas

Untitled - Yvonne Edwards - acrylic on canvas

Untitled - Mima Smart - Acrylic on canvas

Wanampi - Josie McArthur - Acrylic on canvas

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