Edithburgh Artists Exhibition – “A Sense of Place”

Showing at the Burra Regional Art Gallery building in the corridor and annex spaces during March 3rd to March 30th of 2011.

Update – now showing until April 27th 2011!

Yorke Peninsula has done it again – this time for Burra. Thankyou folks for an exhibition of sea salt and things washed up, jetties and tinnies and beach shacks 1950s style.

Community arts must be a good thing. This exhibition is the result of hard work by many, inspired and encouraged by the coming to town of a small shop on Blanche Street called Edithburgh Artisan.

The artists have made work to die for and to prove that seemingly exaggerated claim, here they are – including masses of beautiful silver and sea glass jewellery, lovely pots, hand made paper and books, divine hats, and gifts from the sea, to complement.

A dash of this and a taste of that, this is an inspired collection of works.

The exhibiting artists are the following artists. Terry Braund, Ron Watson, Pam Willoughby, Tanya Webb, Nicki Drummond, Trudie Howith, Jennifer Robyn, Ann Harris, Sandie Burt, Carol Coulter, Dianne Griffiths, John Weekley, Rick Hutchinson, June Harrison, Susan Bury and Antoinette McLean.

Twilight Hues Sultana Beach, Edithburgh -Terry Braund – Oil on canvas – $635

Yatch hat – Susan Bury – $300

Sea Dragon – Trudie Howith – Mosaic – $75

Post and Wire – Ron Watson – Ink on canvas – $145

New Found Relic – John Weekley – Paper Mache – $97

Edithburgh Artists – Annex

Edithburgh Artists – Annex

Edithburgh Artists – Annex

Dianne Griffths – Sea Glass Jewellery

Dianne Griffths – Sea Glass Jewellery

Big Blue – Jennifer Robyn – Acrylic on Canvas – $280

Beach Houses at Sultana Point – Antionette McLean – Oil on Board – $520

Apple Time -Trudie Howith – Mosaic on terracotta dish – $55

Antionette McLean – Off to Surf – Oil – $390

Terry Braund – Shallow Waters – Watercolour – $390

Rick Hutchinson – Sultana Point, Edithburgh – Acrylic – $3000

Ann Harris – Spirit of the Wind – Acrylic – $480

Terry Braund – Berry Bay, Sth Yorke Peninsula – Acrylic – $590

  1. Brook (10th, Apr 2011)

    Hmm I see there are some new images. Nice to see, thanks Kerry.

  2. Wendy (12th, Apr 2011)

    Very impressive! A diverse range of wonderful arts.