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Born in Sweden, her grandparents were famous circus artists and her father is Adelaide based sculptor, Ted Jönsson. Marie emigrated to Australia with her family in 1972, and embarked on a highly successful career ‘diversion’ as an international model. Picking up on peripatetic life of her forebears she was to enjoy success as” Miss Summer Spain” 1981,” South Australia Model of the Year” 1982 and “Australian Model of the Year” 1984. However her rich artistic heritage soon exerted its primacy and she began painting while pregnant with her son.

Marie Jonsson-Harrison - Mosaic Chair

Bringing immediate zest and life to the genre of Naïve or Naïf Art (sometimes also referred to as outsiders art, innocent art, or folk art) still under the umbrella of Contemporary art, Marie developed a unique painting approach wherein figures and objects are rendered in relief, giving the works a wonderful human and tactile quality.

If I Could Turn Back Time - Size 55Cm X 82Cm / Limited Edition Giclee Print / Unframed / 385.00

Marie brings to her work a great sense of humor and keen observation of life, always presenting a positive and joyful experience often with a social comment about the human condition. Her paintings, prints and sculptures are for sale and are collected widely throughout Australia and internationally. Japan and U.S.A has proved to be particularly appreciative and supportive markets for Marie.

Balloon Wedding - Size 30Cm X 40Cm / Limited Edition Giclee Print / Unframed / $135.00

During the last year she´s been writing an art blog called “Naïve View” where she details the creative process and where the inspiration comes from. This is for those among you who share Marie´s slightly quirky sense of humor and likes to find out what makes an Artist tick. “Naïve View” blog by Marie, is gaining quite a following worldwide, you can also join Marie on her page called Naïve Art by Marie Jönsson-Harrison on Facebook.

Catch Me If You Can - Size 51Cm X 76Cm / Limited Edition Giclee Print / Unframed / $350.00

She has also got several public sculptures to her name, the largest creation spanning 44 meters across at the entrance of the mid north town of Balaklava called the Federation Gateway. This sculpture depicts a federation house with stories made from handmade ceramic and mosaic, telling some of the tales of the district over the last 100 years both in pictures and the written word on plaques.

The Last Supper - Size 24Cm X 44Cm / Limited Edition Giclee Print / Unframed / $125.00

Marie has won many Art Competitions and been the recipient of two SA Great awards for the Arts in 2002 and 2007. In South Australia she is represented by the Greenhill Gallery. Her artworks are also featured in corporate collections, private collections and several art books worldwide. Her artwork is for sale to the general public including paintings, sculptures, giclee prints and more.

Noahs Ark - Size 30Cm X 40Cm Limited Edition Giclee Print / Hand Embellished / Unframed / $175.00

Marie has lived with her husband, son and daughter on a farm for the last 17 years but have just recently decided on a “Sea change” and bought a house with panoramic sea views spanning 180 degrees in what has been described as an eagles nest, which will no doubt inspire and add to her growth and development as one of Australia’s most important and original naïve artists.

Condos of Katherine - Size 82Cm X 55Cm / Limited Edition Giclee Print / Unframed / $385.00

Marie Jonsson-Harrison
Mobile: 0407396471

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